Edge of the Empire - Character Sheet - Form Fillable

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Screenshot Example

I couldn't find form fillable PDF's that I was happy with so I dove in. I made it in Acrobat DC so I've only been able to confirm that it will work 100% as intended in the same software. On top of being form-fillable I also made some of my preferred modifications:

- Added the Force Characteristic
- Removed the background for a more printer friendly experience
- Added Career skill pips
- Added room for detailed special notes on Skills in ultra-small text.
- Added Skill rank pips
- Rescaled Weapon form fields
- Moved the Equipment Log
- Added room for two more obligations
- Removed Notable-Features to make room for Character Art field
- Rescaled Critical Injuries field
- Removed Talents panel in favor of talent sheets being separate sheets and the skill notes section
- Added full form functionality with a combination of optimal and auto font size
- Added hover-over tool-tips

I'm going to be using it for printing between home games and playing on Discord with the amazing dicebot SkyJedi made.