Fillable Shadow of the Beanstalk Character Sheet

Fillable Shadow of the Beanstalk_Page_1.png

So apparently I do still use this blog for something?

Well here is a form fillable pdf for Genesys “Shadow of the Beanstalk”. I saw /u/ghost_warlock point out someone should make one.

Click either button above to download from your preferred file host. Remember, you must actually download fillable pdfs and work on them locally for them to work reliably.

I’ve made only very minor edits to the layout to allow for maximum space for digital text but otherwise I’ve kept it quite close to stock. Disappointingly, Fantasy Flight seems to have made some changes to their workflow on character sheets for Genesys so this sheet uses a singular background image rather than layered assets. I would have preferred to take out the line guides and make a printer friendly version but this new flattened image makes that impractical.

I did these edits with Adobe Acrobat DC so as long as you use a first party (something from Adobe) pdf reader and download the file rather than open it all the fields should work great. I made sure to set all the default formatting to optimize each fields most likely content type and if you Minion Pro font kit on your computer everything should look great too.

I hope you enjoy and if you come across any issues that present while filling your copy using Acrobat DC please let me know. Thanks :D

PS. If the new flattened image was done intentionally to make modding this pdf harder than the previous ones I’m pretty disappointed but for the record, I’ve never made any money off this site in any way shape or form. I suspect though it’s just because this pdf was built by a graphic designer and not a publisher. I do really like this sheet as I think it’s the prettiest sheet made for this dice system. I’m just presuming it’s form winning out over function.