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 Here we have a last minute game we whipped up the night before May the Fourth. On a whim on May 3rd 2017 the players from my Sunday meat-space star wars game asked for a May the Fourth game. Turned out one of them couldn't make it so we did a little prep in the evening and cranked out a enlarged studio space to house the three of us. Luckily between myself and my friend Luke we had the hardware on hand to setup capture. Unfortunately being so short on time what worked in a single batch of testing, gave us some technical issues leaving us with a less than stellar production quality. Still, like most of my hasty work I am primarily proud of what we got out of so little prep. So here is A Star Wars, Edge of the Empire one-shot played fast and loose in the beautiful corporate metro-HQ of Harbringer Corp on Velinus Prime. Watch BG-57, an imbecilic Droideka and Cal Harkor, a cold-hearted Gank make their way through a nights work in the business of dead men.